NAA Worldwide Providing Free Rides to Presidential Election Voting Polls Near You!

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2020 / NAA Worldwide[1], the official Small Business and Gig Workers Association, has announced its revolutionary program to give voters free rides to sports complexes, arenas and other locations that will serve as polling places in the upcoming election. The organization has taken this step to ensure that as many people as possible can vote during this difficult time. NAA Worldwide wants to minimize the pandemic’s negative effect on this important election.

This pandemic has already claimed over 180,000 American lives and kept millions of individuals out of work. Businesses that have stayed open are dealing with significantly reduced sales. In the US, this burden is complicated by the 2020 Presidential election. NAA’s leadership feels that no registered voter should have to struggle to find transportation to their local polling place, and they certainly should not have to worry about how to pay for a ride. Michael Anderson, CEO of NAA Worldwide explained, “Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or independent, fear should never be used as a tool to sway or silence your vote.” NAA believes that the free ride program will encourage people to strive for change. Voter participation is a key principle of our democracy and is essential to strengthening the nation.

One need not go far to take part in this revolutionary program! Complete your registration by simply logging on to the NAA worldwide website, and reserve your free ride. Or volunteer to join the already historic brigade of 100,000 ride-share drivers who have volunteered their time and efforts to provide free of cost transportation to registered voters on voting day. This program encourages everyone to be an active participant in the election process, but you must register by October 10th, 2020.

NAA Worldwide has over 300,000 members and serves the larger 65 million small business and gig worker community. For the last decade, NAA has worked hard to offer services, products and protections for gig workers, who have traditionally lacked the benefits that other workers receive. Members benefit from health insurance, product discounts and numerous rewards. The organization’s goal is to help small businesses and gig workers achieve their goals for a healthy and fulfilling life. These goals include active participation in the nation’s government.

NAA Worldwide is committed to helping voters express themselves at the ballot box, and the free ride to the polls program reflects NAA Worldwide’s mission to help America’s gig workers and small businesses excel. Their team includes individuals from many different professions and different walks of life who reflect the diversity of their membership. NAA Worldwide invites all rideshare and gig workers to join its organization and to enjoy all the membership benefits available, including their election outreach. This year has brought about huge changes to these industries, highlighting the needs of these dedicated workers, especially when compared to their traditionally-employed counterparts.

NAA Worldwide believes that registered voters of all political persuasions should be able to vote easily and conveniently. They should not have to worry about first finding transportation to the polls and then paying for it. NAA Worldwide’s free ride election plan means getting to the polls won’t be a problem for anyone who wants to vote but has transportation difficulties.

For more information on NAA Worldwide and their ride to the polls program, visit their website[2] today, or call toll free: 1-800-514-3010 ext 202

For Media contact: NAA PR/MEDIA SUPERVISOR Michelle Higgins Tel: 1-310-651-9992,

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